Medical Services

To ensure the health of your pet, routine wellness examinations are
recommended every six months. Vaccination protocols are specific to the
individual animal's needs. Geriatric profiling, including blood and urine
tests, are encouraged for all dogs and cats over the age of seven.

Wellness exams

An twice annual physical exam is essential in keeping your pet healthy.
Annual exams can help prevent medical problems before they become life
threatening, and can also give your veterinarian a clearer picture of your
pet's health. Senior pets may require more frequent check-ups. If your pet
is exhibiting any unusual behaviors or symptoms, we recommend you
schedule an appointment with a veterinarian immediately. Our
veterinarians recommend seeing your pet at least once every six months.


Vaccinations are a critical component to preventive health. We tailor our
vaccine recommendations to risk situations specific to each pet. We
realize that each dog and cat is different, and so we determine each
animal's vaccine requirements on an individual basis. Puppies and kittens
must complete the initial series of core vaccines within their first six
months; they must then receive boosters at one year of age. At your pet's
wellness exam every six months, our veterinarians will determine what
vaccines are necessary.

Dental care

Proper dental care is a large part of keeping your pet healthy. Regular
teeth cleanings and dental check-ups can prevent periodontal disease
(disease of the gums and supporting tissue of the teeth) and other dental
problems before they affect your pet's overall health. At BPAH, we offer
dental care counseling in addition to our regular cleaning services. We will
also advise clients on how to best administer dental care at home. For
more information about dental care for your pet, click here.


Each year, millions of pets wander from home and many are never found
again. If your pet is lost, you can increase the chances of finding your
companion by microchipping your pet. Microchipping is a simple, painless
procedure that implants a small microchip under your pet's skin. (The
microchip is about the size of a grain of rice.) Your pet's information is
then registered in a national database, increasing the chances that your
pet will return home if lost.


For after hours emergencies involving cats and dogs, we ask our clients to
contact Katonah Bedford Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center in
Bedford Hills, NY. 914-241-7700.

Diagnostic Services and Surgery

In House Laboratory

We are equipped with the lastest state of the art laboratory.  We have the
capability of performing laboratory tests quickly to aid in the diagnosis and
or monitoring your pet's condition.    We can perform you pet's blood test
and have results the same day.


Radiographs are performed daily, using the latest in digital equipment to
provide instant images.  Providing less radiation exposure to you pet.  
Both regular and contrast radiographic studies are performed and
evaluated by our doctors.


An ultrasound provides real time evaluation of your pet's internal organs.
With access to board-certified radiology specialists, we can provide an
extremely high level of advanced imaging services on-site so you know
your pet is being evaluated by experts in the field.  An ultrasound
examination is less invasive, less stressful and more comfortable for your
pet. Ultrasounds can be performed at BPAH by a board certified internal
medicine specialist.


An endoscopy allows our veterinarians to look inside your pet using a
series of small cameras attached to a flexible tube. This lets the doctor
look inside a body cavity or organ and diagnose a problem without
invasive surgery. An endoscopy allows biopsies, cultures and removal of
foreign objects from the lungs, stomach or intestines. Endoscopy can be
performed at BPAH by a board certified internal medicine specialist.


Our highly skilled veterinarians can perform a wide-range of surgeries for
your pet, from standard spay and neuter procedures to more complex
surgeries, including orthopedic procedures. A board-certified specialist is
available to perform complex orthopedic surgeries.